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What do we do?



        The statement that A-Z Center is just Temporary Employment Agency would not comprise the variety of activities that we do. We provide on a large scale the work support both for employers and employees in Poland and abroad. A great deal of companies and workers from the European Union as well as from the countries of Eastern Europe are among our clients. We look for workers and conduct the recruitment of the specialists. With our help a lot of people has found a job and many companies stopped suffering from the shortage of skilled personnel.

         However, this is only a part of what we do. We also function as a business mediator who facilitates the cooperation between partners from the eastern and western parts of the continent in such spheres as trade, industry and services. Moreover, we offer you a creation of virtual office which, while being situated in Poland, can serve enterprises from all over the world.

     While doing business we always hold to the highest standards. Our characteristic features are honesty, competence, focus on the client’s demands and strong motivation. All that assures us a dynamic development but what is more important, it allows individual people as well as small an large companies to get satisfaction, pleasure and to benefit from the cooperation with our agency.

            Feel free to check our offer and find services you would really appreciate!

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